Thursday, April 12, 2007

Memphis Sport Magazine Awards

Go vote for the show in the M Awards. Click here for the ballot, we are on it. I have little faith in the voting process of things like this after the Flyer put me in a tie because of personal relationships of powerful people and business interests, while not allowing a positive article about the show to run in the "Best of" issue because of those relationships. Like Kanye, I will probably whine about that forever. Anyway, here is another outlet that is doing a group of awards, and I am being proactive with this one. A weekly appearance and a relationship with the other station does us no favors, so we have to rock the vote on this one. We will truly have to make it totally undeniable and it will take some stones to give us the award, even if we have the most votes. If you dig the show, go vote for it. Thank you as always for listening to the show, you guys make it happen. If just a small percentage of the people that visit this site everyday vote, it will be undeniable.

Here we go... By the way, I love you Memphis Sport magazine and really respect what you are doing. I would say that you produce the best sports magazine that has ever come out in Memphis, and possibly in the world. I apologize in advance if this works and we put you in a weird spot.