Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Paralysis by analysis (NFL Draft)

Paralysis by analysis is the motto of the draft every year it seems. I just watched an interview with Brady Quinn on ESPN where he said that the Raiders had been talking to his agent. No surprise there, considering you would expect them to talk to everyone that they would consider with the number 1 pick, and who knows, maybe the Raiders will be smart and take Quinn after all. What did surprise me is that after they get done interviewing Quinn, they bring on Chris Mortensen and he says that there is an issue with his accuracy. REALLY? The guy has been a 60% passer with 69 TDs and 14 INT's in the last two seasons. What are these guys looking at? A workout? Certainly not statistics or film. The guy threw 55 more TD's than he did interceptions in the last two seasons. Give me a break. Are you just trying to come up with some kind of problem? At least say he struggled against LSU or something that could at least be construed as legit.

Be happy if your team snags one of the following players...

Guys that I believe are undervalued from all of the mocks I have looked at include Georgia DE Quentin Moses (projected 3rd Rd guy, way too low for this guy). Had bad workouts evidently. So what. If a team stands him up in a 3-4 and lets him rush, he will be awesome.

Sidney Rice (WR from S Carolina) is projected as a 2nd Rd pick and I have always liked this guy. 6'4", fast, can catch in traffic and never had a good QB but was wildly productive in the SEC. He will be better than WR's taken before him.

The last guy I will mention is Sam Olajabutu. This guy was a dominant SEC player for Arkansas and I cannot believe that he is projected to be a 7th Rd. pick. He probably got injured too much but grab a tape and watch it. This guy is not real big, but he is a baller. Someone will get a huge steal that late and at the very least have one of the best special teams players in the league. Criminally underrated. Again, he dominated games in the SEC when he was not hurt.