Thursday, May 03, 2007

God Bless the Golden State Warriors

A tear is running down my face. I don't know if I have ever been so happy about a team winning a series, when it wasn't one of "my teams" winning, as I was when Golden State knocked off the Mavericks. When a team like the Warriors can pull off the biggest upset in NBA history by playing a running, chaotic style, they can be a serious agent for change league-wide. This sends an incredible message that can be even bigger than the whole "well you cannot win a championship playing that style" argument. Only one team wins a championship, but what is providing us with winning playoff teams? Basketball was a victim of terrorism when the clutching, grabbing, walk the ball up the court style of basketball was producing winning playoff teams. Now we have a situation where running basketball is producing winning playoff teams. In fact, it produced the biggest upset the league has ever seen. A team that was one of the most dominant regular season teams in league history was taken down by a team that with a few weeks left in the season appeared to have no chance at making the playoffs. When analyzing the series, and in the process winning three lunches off Eric Hasseltine with my pick, I said that there is no other person in the nation not involved with the Mavericks that you would want to write up your Mavs scouting report other than Don Nelson. That certainly played a massive role in the Warriors pulling it off, but the style of play is a major factor that could resonate throughout the NBA. I love it. The greatest athletes in the world being given the freedom to do what they do best... play basketball the way it should be played. That was an absolute beat down. Dirk is a chump. If you do not like watching the Warriors, you should never be allowed to watch basketball again. The NBA is changing, let's all hope the Grizzlies follow suit and join the future of the NBA. Slow down basketball becoming a thing of the past, big men are becoming less important, and the world's greatest athletes are allowed to look like the world's greatest athletes. God bless you Golden State Warriors. Now go knock off Utah or Houston and continue the assault on what the NBA had become.