Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What is Calvin Borel saying?

A jockey named Calvin Borel won the Kentucky Derby on Saturday and the big mystery remains. We still have no definitive answer as to what this guy was saying. He says that he would "like to thank his fiance Lisa" and then it turns into frontier jibberish (or cajun I suppose). We have gotten a lot of "she did a lot of jobs for me" or some variation of that, but that is not what I hear.
The funniest answer was submitted by a caller named Kevin who claims that the mystery line is "she did DeSagana Diop for me." What I know is if you can be speaking English and there can be a thousand different answers to what you are saying... you have really done something. Please enroll anyone you can to help us answer this incredible mystery. Let's play the game...
What is the Kentucky Derby winning jockey saying?

Also, Pirates pitcher (and former Germantown player) Paul Maholm and Kansas Jayhawks bball coach Bill Self will be on the show tomorrow.