Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tom Penn (assistant GM) leaves the Grizzlies for Portland

I just talked to Tom and he is in Orlando at the pre-draft. If he can break away he will be on in the 3 oclock hour. He told me that he had talked to Portland for several weeks now and he loves the idea of being with Kevin Pritchard and the Blazer organization (also former VP of bus. ops Mike Golub is there). He said that the deal was worked out right before the lottery (in fact, at the lottery). Then the Blazers got the first pick. What luck. The guy takes a job and his new team promptly gets the first pick with a 5% chance. Maybe he was the lucky charm and what did the Grizzlies in. Hopefully we can catch up with him today. Tom has always been good to the show and I wish him all the luck. He gets to do what we all wanted to do... root for Oden or Durant.