Saturday, June 09, 2007

Regarding the Grizzlies GM (John Gabriel)

I have been told that the two guys now being talked about seriously regarding the job are Chris Wallace and former Orlando Exec. John Gabriel. Wallace is believed to have a the best chance, but Gabriel is in the mix and is a legit possibility. Wallace is Jerry West's choice. I have heard that it will more than likely be one of those two guys. Heisley and West are flying back tonight and we will soon know who gets the job. Gabriel is clearly the best choice in my opinion. Gabriel has a dynamic personality, an extremely positive attitude, and has won an Exec of the Year Award while in Orlando. I love the idea of Gabriel at this point. Peter Vescey, and I think a Boston paper, had mentioned him in articles a few weeks back and we really had not heard much about him since then. I don't remember the local paper even mentioning him in their articles except the columnist saying that another paper had reported him as a possibility. Gabriel has the best credentials of anyone mentioned in the race and I think he would be an outstanding face for the franchise. Please the let Grizzlies hire him. That being said, watch them hire Wallace and then I will wish I had never heard Gabriel's name as a legit canidate.