Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sonny Vaccaro, Dane Bradshaw, The Haters...Audio

Sonny Vaccaro did not dissapoint. Herrington was on with me when Sonny came on the show. He was one of the best basketball interviews we have ever had on the show. He talks about everything and we ran straight through a break because we did not want to stop that train. Chris Wallace, the draft, the risks, AAU, NCAA, Kobe... it is all there, and it is money.

Dane Bradshaw was in studio with us for the first two hours of the show (including the Haters) and was really good. All of that is on the player.

The audio is all here. Hopefully by now you know how this player works. To get to any audio, just scroll to the top of the player and click on "channel guide" and it will drop down a menu where you can get to anything you want to hear.