Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Can a brother get some credit?

Forgive me for not getting to this earlier, but I just read today's paper. There is an article about the Grizzlies and free agency and in the article it says that Chris Wallace went to Argentina to meet Andres Nocioni. According to who? There are no sources given, no "sources told the Commercial Appeal", nothing. The story is just presented as fact. This is so blatant that it is undeniable. JUST SAY IT COMMERCIAL APPEAL.... "CHRIS VERNON REPORTED" OR "ACCORDING TO CHRIS VERNON" OR "VERNO'S BLOG REPORTED." IF YOU DON'T WANNA USE MY NAME, THEN SAY "730 ESPN REPORTED." YOU KNOW WHAT, JUST B.S. AND SAY "SOURCES TOLD THE C.A." But no credit for the story coming from anywhere when many people already know that the story broke right here? It is all over the Grizzlies message board for goodness sakes. The story just happened? Nobody reported or confirmed it? I am no journalist, but I did pay a little attention when I took Journalism 101. For there to be no attribution for the story in the article is truly amazing. Can a brother get some credit?