Saturday, July 28, 2007

Quentin Groves (Auburn), my favorite SEC player ever

Last year after Colonel Reb is Crying was released, there was an article that was written by Scott Cacciola of the Commercial Appeal that got picked up by Scripps and ran in papers throughout the south. In the article it mentioned a quick story about Quentin Groves from Auburn singing the song on the field against Ole Miss. Here was the quote...

For example, Auburn defensive lineman Quentin Groves roamed near the Ole Miss sideline during a timeout last Saturday and actually yelped the chorus at Orgeron.
"I could hear him," said Ole Miss punter Rob Park, shaking his head in disbelief.

So at media days I was able to get Groves to come on the show and talk about it. We also talked about why he is coming back to school when he could have been highly drafted, being married, movies, agents and runners, etc. This guy has a great personality in addition to being a great player. The guy is a trip. The interview is below. Groves was my favorite player interview we have ever done at media days.