Wednesday, July 25, 2007

SEC Media Days: Post 1

Roser and I rolled into town at about 11 pm last night. This morning we got up so that we could come downstairs to radio row, set up the equipment, and watch people act important. I am loving this place. 90% of the guys here look like the "before" picture of a diet advertisement. I feel like Johnny Fitness here. It is hard to describe how unhealthy a group of people could be. I cannot believe that nobody has ever died of a heart attack here. Surely somebody will this year. Elastic waistbands are in at media days, in fact, I feel weird that I have a belt on. A conservative estimate would put the combined weight of most radio teams at 550-650 lbs. My favorite part of this is watching the guys that walk around slowly by the different stations as if they are waiting for you to ask them to come on for an interview. Media guys that act like celebrities amongst each other are the best. The other thing is that anyone in the world can get credentialed for this thing. I could say that I have a magazine called Gamecock Peck magazine and I could be interviewing anyone. Today we have Arkansas, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Auburn. Thanks for reading post 1.