Monday, July 02, 2007

Who could the free agent be? I have my guess.

I have been reading everything that has been written about the Grizzlies for the last few days regarding their potential dealings in free agency. I read the names of possible targets for the Grizzlies in the paper and none of them make much sense besides Varajeo, and some of the names listed are insane. The problem with Varajeo is the amount of money he is going to command, and most likely, will get. His agent, Dan Fegan, will get him more than he is worth. I have been on record as saying that I really like Varajeo and how he would fit with the Grizzlies, but no way do I pay him the kind of money I think he will get. I think that if you are going to have to really overpay to get him out of Cleveland. The other names mentioned as possible targets seem totally absurd to me. So, I went to a list of the free agents and wanted to see who might not have been mentioned, and more importantly, who makes sense.

We must remember that in the system that Iavaroni is planning on running with the Grizzlies (which was totally solidified in the Conley pick) that the conventional wisdom of a guy and his position are, in good part, thrown out the window.

The Grizzlies need a guy that can grab boards and bang a little. They need a guy that can do the "little things." They need a guy that can score. They need a big (not too big) that can run the floor and clean up for Pau. They do not need to break the bank to get this guy.

I understand that this all seems very difficult to accomplish, yet I feel like it could with one guy that is a free agent that has not even really been mentioned.

The player is... Andres Nocioni. I have to believe that after the Bulls drafted Noah that they are gonna let Nocioni go. He is a great fit for the style of play that will be run here and you can probably get him without breaking the bank. I know that the Grizzlies liked him when he was coming into the league. The guy balled out in the playoffs a few years ago. He can score the ball and the Grizzlies need more guys that can shoot. More importantly, they need a player with his demeanor.

That is my contribution to the topic of the Grizzlies and free agency. For this team, and this style of play, at a reasonable cost, the guy to get is Andres Nocioni.