Friday, September 28, 2007

How totally unacceptable, and audio from the week

29 unanswered points in the second half? Losing to Arkansas State after being up by 25 at the half? What a freaking joke. Memphis football is in a bad way and there is no more being somewhat nice about it. There is absolutely no excuse for what has happened with this program. They got waxed by UCF, and they cannot hold a 25 pt. halftime lead against Arkansas State. They cannot beat D1 opponents anymore for goodness sakes. What can you even say anymore? I don't know if Duke Calhoun can throw the ball at all, but I would put him at QB. He is the best player on that team, and I would just put the ball in his hands. That is what you would do if you were a high school team and, at this point, that is what Memphis is... a high school team. Actually, Memphis has less future NFL players than a lot of high school teams.

Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt joined us on the show this week and talked about the win last weekend against Bama, what has changed for him at Georgia, why he is 23-3 in SEC road games, and why he adopted two kids from the Ukraine. He was fantastic, check it if you missed it.

I have also loaded up the Chris Wallace weekly segment, and the Keith Easterwood weekly segment. Wallace and I talked a lot about European basketball, and Easterwood talked about Memphis not even contacting his son and other local prep football players, and the fact that SEC and many other schools have. He says, "I am the only one recruiting him to Memphis." And we wonder why Memphis is in such bad shape?

Grizzlies Media Day is today and we will have the audio from it on the show today. Also, Bert Sugar and Jimmy Denunzio on the show. Thanks for listening.