Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You probably should not call out Keith Easterwood

The Memphis Edge is the Commercial Appeal's blog. The blog had a post the other day that called Keith Easterwood (regular on the show as our local bball insider) a "supposed insider." Obviously, this was of interest to me because Keith is a friend and comes on my show as an insider. Keith has been a huge help to me, a huge help to Gary Parrish, and consistently knows more about what is going on with local basketball than anyone on the radio. Anyway, here is the exact quote... "In surfing various message boards, supposed insiders have forwarded the idea that this development is linked to the Sept. 2 incident on Beale Street and other various off-court issues from past years. That assertion is laughable." We had to know that Keith would come out swinging after reading this, and he did. Here is how it went down...

p.s. read the post below for Wilco tickets