Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Drafting Mario Williams (and why nobody is talking about it)

Yesterday on the show I talked about how you cannot find anyone talking about the Texans drafting Mario Williams over Reggie Bush. The USA Today had a weekly blurb basically documenting what was perceived as the Texans error in judgement. Radio hosts, columnists, and analysts criticized the Texans over and over again over the decision. It happened sooner than I expected, but the fact of the matter is that the Texans were right. Never take a RB with a top 15 pick. Never. It will come up again when Darren McFadden comes out after this season. You do not want your team to take a RB with a high pick. The amount of money that is sunk into that position when you take a player that high is simply not worth it. Here is the list of the RB's selected in the top 15 of the draft in the last 10 years...

Adrian Peterson
Reggie Bush
Ronnie Brown
Cadillac Williams
LaDanian Tomlinson
Jamal Lewis
Thomas Jones
Ron Dayne
Edgerrin James
Ricky Williams
Curtis Ennis
Fred Taylor

What do you notice? That outside of Jamal Lewis, none of these players even played in a Super Bowl for the team that drafted them (maybe Thomas Jones, I cannot remember, but the starter was Pittman in that SB anyway). You do not sink an incredible amount of money into a RB because they are too easily replaceable. See: James, Edgerrin.

The Texans made the right move, it is already clear, and now nobody is talking about it. It will happen again. Somebody will take McFadden with a Top 15 pick and it will be the wrong move. I love McFadden, but you never take a RB with a top 15 pick.

This is simply about money vs. postion, and the money is better spent on other positions.