Friday, October 12, 2007

Philanthropy (The Picks)

Last week was not kind to us, but this is Lazarus Week. That is our boy Laz to the left.

Verno's Lazarus back from the dead Parlay of the Year!
Boston College -13.5 over Notre Dame
Illinois -3.5 over Iowa
Cal -14 over Oregon State
Browns vs. Dolphins UNDER 44.5

Verno's quadruple bazillion infinity wrong team favored game of the year...

New Mexico State +7 over La Tech (lost to Ole Miss by 4td's and they are favored, hahahahaha, give me a break, how insulting)

Gary Parrish's Bobby Brown heart attack Every Little Step Parlay
Eastern Michigan +5 over Ohio
LSU -10 over Kentucky
South Carolina -7 over N. Carolina

Gary Parrish's steal from your grandparents infinity lock times 12 times 44 lock of the year
Alabama -6 over Ole Miss

Bert Sugars Picks
Michigan -5.5 over Purdue
Notre Dame +13.5 over BC
Auburn +3 over Arkansas
Georgia -7 over Vandy
Virginia -3.5 over UCONN