Sunday, October 14, 2007

Survivor Local Coach

We have done the poll on the show, and now we bring it to the blog. What coach at one of the area schools is going to make it the longest? It is Survivor Local Coach. The contestants will include Phil Fulmer, Tommy West, Ed Orgeron, Sly Croom, and Houston Nutt. Each week we will rank these five based on who has the best chance at lasting the longest at their school.

1. Sly Croom - the safest right now. He has a few nice wins in the last few seasons. Signs of progress are evident and is a QB away from really competing. Expectations are not unreasonably high at State.

2. Tommy West- should not be so safe, but Memphis does not have the money to buy him out even if they wanted to. Is there any booster that would care so much that they would buy him out? No. His team is horrid and there are no signs that it will be getting better anytime soon. 2 TD losses to teams like MTSU are simply insane.

3. Phil Fulmer- expectations are always very high for Fulmer and he has already lost a few games this season. Needs to be in the SEC Championship game to be completely safe. His A.D. has high expectations for the program regarding playing in the SEC Championship game every once in a while, and he will eventually have to act if they are not playing in that game soon.

4. Ed Orgeron-- He is getting players to come to Ole Miss, but he is not getting wins. Losing to Bama this past weekend meant that a good win alluded him once again. Expectations are out of whack at the school so if he loses to Miss St and still has no good wins by the end of the season, it could be adios.

5. Houston Nutt-- Is there any way that Houston is the coach at Arkansas next year? After home losses to Kentucky and Auburn already, and McFadden probably losing the Heisman and then leaving after this year, Nutt is the best bet to be off the island first.