Sunday, November 04, 2007

A few thoughts (from my brain)

Can you rush for 491 yds. on playstation? Evidently you can in real life against Memphis. 491? Were Tommy Frazier and Lawrence Phillips playing for East Carolina?
Darren McFadden = The next Adrian Peterson. McFadden went for over 3 bills against South Carolina. Was that a Heisman saving performance? Was that a Houston Nutt job saving performance? Yes, I saw Peterson and McFadden this weekend and it is still a mistake to take a RB in the first half of the first round.
The picks were crap. I know.
Kansas is highly ranked and undefeated. Kansas beat the crap out of Nebraska. Now, the following story has nothing to do with either of those (I don't think). You are never gonna believe what Kansas fans chant when their team kicks off. Suffice to say the Athletic Dept does not approve. Here is the story from the KU campus station...