Monday, November 26, 2007

Ole Miss fan blames me for Orgeron firing...

This email claims that Coach O being fired is all my fault....

Thank you for running off a great coach. From the beginning you ridiculed him and spread your cancer to the point where he was ultimately fired. Coach O was a great human being who cared more for his players than you will ever know, and what most people don't know is that his number 1 priority with those guys was to get an education should their football careers not pan out. No one worked harder than this man, and given next year he would have had his winning season.

Instead, part of our fanbase and most uninformed football fans have taken your opinion to be the gospel. They wrote him off as an incompetent cussing cajun beast of a man with an uncontrollable temper and it's because you drove that point home. You inspired the likes of ESPN's Reece Davis to mock him even when showing highlights of our team's victories. Most importantly, you convinced our old money alumni that he was not polished enough and was lacking the people skills to continue, and they ultimately pulled the plug. Tell me this, how many other D-1 coaches have you written songs about mocking them for things that in no way pertain to their coaching abilities? Friday afternoon after we had just lost to Mississippi State their entire band proceeded to play your song as a stadium full of State fans rejoiced in unison - hours later he would be fired.

Call me crazy. He has not yet produced a winning season, I know. But ask any coach, player, or AD from our neighboring D-1 schools and they were absolutely terrified of him because they knew he would succeed. It is heartbreaking to know that our moneymen did not have the patience to give him another year because they were so convinced that he was a loose cannon and a roughneck. His wife and kids were so well received in Oxford, and they were crushed to know that their stay would be short-lived. Shame on you for ruining the lives of those 5 people. I would absolutely love to get a response from you.