Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tigers win the 2K Classic in MSG

Memphis beat UCONN on Friday night. It has become clear that while the team is loaded with talent, there is one player that will decide the fate of the Tigers against top level opponents.
Gary wrote about it on his blog, with the accompanying stats... Click here for the story.
Gary also mentioned the Dyson dunk (no foul by Dorsey), and the second time Dyson tried to posterize Joey. Both plays are included in the ESPN highlight package.

On a side note, I was looking through the video section and came upon the game. It is edited down to a 16 minute version but still has commentary. This is fantastic. If you missed the game and wanted to see more than just the highlights, ESPN has this nifty little feature. Maybe they have had this stuff a long time and I have just never noticed. I knew they had highlight packages, but not 16 min game videos. Either way, it's great. It takes a sec to get goin. Check this...