Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Regarding Kinsey being waived...

Tarence Kinsey was waived by the Grizzlies and there are understandably many people questioning this decision. I like Tarence Kinsey just fine. He is a really nice guy. I think Kinsey will play in the NBA. With that being said, I do not believe Kinsey will ever be in the 8-man rotation of a really good NBA team. That is how you have to think about these things. The scouts did a really good job of identifying this guy, and he played well. He got minutes and produced for what was the worst team in the world. I don't think the guy was given a fair shake by the new regime, but Iavaroni didn't like the guy enough to put him in the rotation. Only time will tell if Kinsey will make the Grizz regret this.

I broke the story about the Grizzlies plans to sign D-Leaguer Jeremy Richardson in the coming days. They are trying to catch lightning in a bottle. He will sign a non-guaranteed deal and they will have until about a week into Jan. to decide if they want to keep him or waive him. Here's hoping they catch one in Richardson. There have been guys plucked from the minors that have become contributors to good teams. Why not try to find a guy that could be a 8-man rotation guy on a good team?

Chris Wallace believes in the idea of finding guys in the minors. Between his time in Miami and Boston, they were able to find Voshon Leonard, Ike Austin, Adrian Griffin, Bruce Bowen, Mark Blount, Mikki Moore, Damon Jones, etc. Pretty good list of guys from the minors that made some money playing in the league.

There are 5 guys on this team that I would keep moving forward. Rudy, Lowry, Conley, Navarro, and Darko. Other than that, they can move whoever they want as far as I am concerned.

Will Richardson be good? I don't know, but it is worth a shot. Kinsey will never in the regular rotation of a really good team, and that is what the Grizzlies are trying to become. Why not see if another guy could be?

It is interesting to me that Grizzlies fans do seem to feel somewhat passionately about this move. Kinsey certainly had his fans. Richardson could be lightning in a bottle or he could get cut in 2 weeks. Either way, I am fine with it because I don't think we will ever look up and think that the Grizzlies really blew it by letting Kinsey sign with another team... whether he was given a fair shake here or not.

In the end, this is an incredibly minor (and probably insignificant) move for a team that needs a lot of changes before they become good again.