Thursday, January 03, 2008

Give me a break Damon Stoudamire

The Commercial Appeal reported today that Damon Stoudamire wants to be traded, or to have his contract bought out. The quotes from his agent are priceless...

"For the Grizzlies to demote Damon because of his age and because of the team’s record is unacceptable,” Goodwin said
hahahahahahahahahaha. hahahahahahahahaha. hahahahahahahaha. please, stop, I cannot take it. hahahahahahahahaha. Did he say that with a straight face? Is it ok if you are demoted if you are not that good anymore? Like him starting is not part of the reason the team has been garbage this year?

I also have a quote...

"I find the play of Damon Stoudamire to be unacceptable." -- Chris Vernon

Moving on, the fact that this guy is demanding a trade as soon as he didn't start is hilarious. I told you at the beginning of the season that the guy would start because a new coach could not afford to have Stoudamire unhappy in the locker room. He is one of the only guys in that locker room with cred around the league, and one of the only guys that the young guys could respect and look up to. They needed to keep him happy, so they tried to keep him happy. Despite the fact that he is nowhere near being a viable starting PG on a good team. He does not make other guys better, and he is nowhere close to being the scorer he once was. The Grizzlies tried to make it so the guy would be happy, so they gave him the starting job.

Then as soon as he doesn't start, here come the trade demands. It should be mentioned that they won the game by 18 pts. They won the game, and his agent thinks his demotion was unacceptable? Holy crap. Get rid of the headache now. They guy was fine, and professional, and blah blah blah, until he doesn't play and now he wants out. Give me a break. The guy should be forever grateful that an NBA team let him start at this point in his career. Hell, we had to watch the guy drag a leg around like he was in a potato sack race all of last year. He only started so he would not be a problem. Now he will be a problem. Roll him Chris Wallace.