Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mem/ UT Prediction, Miller to be traded?

The tv spot that I do on channel 30 (CW30) airs tonight at 9:45 during Eyewitness Sports. I will make my prediction for the game this weekend on the bit if you are interested.

Chris Wallace could not make it in for the weekly segment because he got caught up with the boss (good reason). I would not blow off the guy that signs my checks either. What I do know is that the Grizzlies were not in the process of making a move when Wallace missed the show. He will be on tomorrow after the deadline (scheduled to be on show @ 3).

I am told that a betting man would bet the Grizzlies would stand pat, but anything can happen.

Now, on to Miller... the Grizzlies point of view is that they will not trade Miller in a simply financial deal. Any deal for Miller would have to make basketball sense (this was a nice thing to hear). They are worried that if they move Miller they will lose real outside shooting and virtually any veteran presence (from a guy that plays). The thought is that if you keep Miller that you could put something good together within a few years, whereas if you move him for what you would get in many of the deals you could quickly become 4-5 yrs from being really competitive (like the Bulls did). The other thought is that at the top of the draft (where the Grizz pick will be) there are pg's and bigs, but really only one outside scorer (Gordon). So let's say that you more than likely get an interior guy (Beasley, Love, Arthur, whoever) in the draft, then you want to have Miller and you could be something other than an abomination in the near future. Again, Miller's outside shooting and the fact that he is a vet make them very skeptical of moving him. I understand the value that they see in keeping Miller if teams are not bowling them over with the offers.

I would bet that Miller is not dealt, but again, anything can happen. Wallace will be on the show tomorrow.