Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Well that did not last very long

Vandy knocked off Tennessee at Memorial Gym tonight. I don't think anyone is really surprised that they dropped this game. Vandy has won 18 in a row and 31 of 32 at home, and I think they said on the broadcast that the Dores have knocked off the last three number 1 teams that have come into their building. The man in the picture was THE MAN for Vandy, Shan Foster. He was fantastic for Vandy and I think he became their all-time leading scorer in this game (it did not say in the first game story, but I think that is right). Tennessee will probably drop one or two more games before the tourney and it is very difficult for any team in a big conference to win every game from this point forward. I would expect that Memphis will again be at the number 1 spot and when they get there, they probably will end the regular season in that slot. What is hilarious is the emails that I have already gotten that are of the ha-ha variety from Memphis fans as if I really care, or that this proves something. I am sorry I picked against your team and I was dead on in my prediction. Hopefully Vandy made you feel better about losing to Tennessee. Congrats to Shan Foster and Vandy on a big time win. This is the best state in the nation for college basketball this year.