Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why I am the smartest member of the Memphis media

Who else in the Memphis media told you that the Vols were going to win that game? I am expecting 3 straight hours of apologies on Monday. The number is 525-ESPN. Go ahead and program that into your phone and set an alert... "remember to apologize to Chris Vernon and admit he is smarter than me." I go on TV and say it, I go on radio and say it, and took all of the punishment that goes with being the only one willing to tell you the truth. Tennessee is one of three teams that I would pick to beat Memphis, and they did. I wanted to see an undefeated season, but I have to keep it real instead of pandering to the masses. I only take satisfaction in knowing that so many of you that called, emailed, and texted the show immediately had the realization that my brain cannot be denied. I am Mental Hercules. The apology line will be open.