Monday, March 10, 2008

Gerald Green on the market

Gerald Green, the former Celtic draft pick, was released by the Houston Rockets recently. So would the Grizzlies take a shot at signing Green? You may remember that Jerry West was interested in Green the year that he came out. It also stands to reason that Chris Wallace was a fan of Green at one point, but what about now?

I am told that the Grizzlies are not interested in Green at this point and that getting playing time for Gay, Miller, Navarro, and Crittenton makes it difficult to add another perimeter player. That is an exact quote.

The Grizzlies are not adding payroll this year. They cut 10-day guys so that they could save the money, not because they didn't think they could play. When I tell you that everything is done with cost-cutting in mind, would you believe me?

Taking a flyer on Gerald Green would cost money, so it will not happen.