Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mike Kahn does not do his research

Mike Kahn from has an article up today with the best/worst of the NBA season. It is well known that Chris Wallace is a regular guest on the show, so it might be my nature to defend him on things, but that would not even matter with the following article. If you wanna call Chris Wallace the worst GM, maybe you could make that argument, but this is not the way to do it...

Worst executive: Chris Wallace, Memphis Grizzlies
He obviously didn't make a great choice with his pick of the flavor of the year assistant coach, Marc Iavaroni, to coach the team this season, nor was it worthwhile to hand out that $21 million contract to 7-foot bust Darko Milicic. Topping it off was dealing Gasol to the Lakers for little more than a couple of doughnuts and bad coffee.

This is priceless. How lazy can you be to make the first reason for Chris Wallace being the worst GM that he hired Iavaroni, when the coach was hired before the GM? If you hate the Darko deal and think it was a bad signing, I can see that, but it is not horrific. The last reason he gives is that he traded Pau for nothing. No problem with that, except the owner himself said that he was the one that made the decision to trade Pau to the Lakers. In fact, this is an exact quote from Heisley that ran in the CA... "I'm the guy who is making the decisions," Heisley said Saturday. "If people want to (complain) don't get on (general manager) Chris Wallace about the trade -- get on me."

Just do a little research Mike Kahn. Is that too much to ask? The argument might be able to be made, but this was quite the horrible attempt.