Monday, April 28, 2008

2008 NFL Draft Recap, and the first Verno NFL playoff picks (get out the chisel)

If you listen to the show, you know how I feel about running backs and how they fit into team building. With that being said, three of the teams that screwed up in the first round did so by taking a RB. How can Mel Kiper give every team a B or a C? (Except KC who he gave an A) Some of these teams should fire people today.

These teams get an F- on my draft grades

Oakland took Darren McFadden 4th. I will never understand how a crappy team takes a RB and sinks an insane amount of money into such an overrated position. I don't care how "dynamic" a back is, you never sink crazy money into that position. Teams are not crappy because they don't have a good enough back. This is just an outrageous pick for a team that has no clue.

Speaking of no clue... Carolina took Jonathan Stewart at 13, and then traded what amounts to three top 100 picks to get the 19th pick. Thank goodness another team has those picks, because Carolina should not even be able to draft they are so out of it.

The Titans are the last team with a horrendous grade. Chris Johnson? I guess they looped the Memphis game and the bowl game and watched it over and over. This is dumb anyway, but compound it with them taking a RB with a top 50 pick the last three years and it is downright brain dead.

On to other matters...

The Ravens taking Delaware QB Joe Flacco was hilarious. I love when the analysts are breaking down the tape and they talked about he struggled with the zone blitz of Villanova (to which everyone in America said, "Villanova has a football team?" This pick has trendy bust all over it.

Andre Woodson lasting until the 6th round is criminal. This guy had 40 td's and 11 picks in the SEC and elevated an entire program. He had 71 tds and 18 picks over his last 2 years. He didn't do that because of some gimmick system. I don't care about a hitch in his throw, or how he looks down recievers, or whatever. The guy is awesome. Colt Brenan is total trash and went before him. 12 QB's went before him. This was the biggest joke of the entire draft. I also like the picks of Thomas Brown to Atlanta and Mike Hart to Indy in the 6th. Both are underrated.

Matt Forte (RB Tulane) was the Bears pick in the second round. How do you take Forte when Kevin Smith from UCF is on the board? I saw both, and Smith is better. Bad Pick.

I hate the Eagles, but I love the pick of DeSean Jackson with the 49th. This guy looks like something from playstation when he gets going.

I like the 2 Arkansas guys picked in the 7th Rd. Peyton Hillis and Marcus Monk. Both were fantastic picks at that point in the draft.

Ali Highsmith (LB LSU) is the favorite undrafted player. I think Dorien Bryant from Purdue could get a job and stick too, and nobody took him either.

What you start to realize is that there is more a case of bad franchises than just bad drafts. Some teams have no clue, and the teams that are smart continue to thrive by understanding what it takes to win in the league and how to spend their money to do so.

After the draft and from what I have seen from free agency, here are my playoff teams for next year...
AFC-- Indy, Pats, Jax, Cleveland, San Diego, Jets (the surprise team this year)
NFC-- Cowboys, Giants, Minn, New Orleans, Seattle, Tampa

Disappointing team will be Pittsburgh.