Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Week in Review (The Guests)

I am going to try to post a week in review on the weekends. If you missed any of the guests from the week, here they are...

Author and radio host Michael Holley on his new book about Terry Francona and the Red Sox. I could care less about the Red Sox, and I thought the book was great.

Sonny Vaccaro and Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace were in studio for the entire 5 oclock hour on Wednesday. Sonny was speaking at the Universtity of Memphis the next morning. He talked about what he is fighting for, summer basketball, the story of signing Michael Jordan to his first shoe deal, how he and Wallace became close, the new movie coming out on HBO about him, etc.

Scott Ferrall from Sirius Sattellite Channel Howard 101 joined us to break down this weekends UFC Pay-Per-View, his move to Sirius, his website, fighting an Asian guy in Toronto, and his wife punching him. If you missed this, check it out. Ferrall is intant offense.

Bert Sugar was on the show Friday live from Vegas to talk about the Hopkins/ Calzaghe fight this weekend. Bert Sugar on The Chris Vernon Show

Kevin Frazier from Entertainment Tonight talked about the NBA Playoffs, what is going on in entertainment, if Fergie is hot in person, etc. Kevin Frazier on The Chris Vernon Show.

David Thorpe from IMG and evaluated the young players on the Grizzlies roster and talked about the upcoming draft. He talks about a ton of the prospects and who should be picked #1 if the Grizzlies get the pick. David Thorpe on The Chris Vernon Show.