Monday, April 07, 2008

When a possibility becomes a reality...

Note: Today's show will be live from Buffalo Wild Wings (Wolfchase, on 64)

Tonight a possibility becomes a reality. The Tigers are playing for the National Championship. There have been a ton of great teams in the history of college basketball that never had this chance, that never created this chance for themselves.

John Calipari has always talked about "the city." The players have talked about "the city." Coach Cal always talked about how much this team can mean to the city, and he was absolutely right. It is impossible to not feel a sense of pride for our city when you see this team, and the Memphis on their chest.

It is a bit strange, but this has turned into much more than a basketball game. This has turned into an event symbolic of the pride that this city can have, and should have. It means something different to everyone that will watch it. When I go to big events or meet people from other markets, I am always asked why I am in Memphis. My dad went to Memphis and my family was all from West Tennessee, but I grew up in New York and St. Louis. After college I decided to move to Memphis and get a job, and I have never wanted to leave. I always feel like I constantly have to defend Memphis and talk it up to people that do not understand.

And then something strange happened while I was in San Antonio...
I met an insane number of coaches and media members from all over the nation, and I was never once asked why I was in Memphis. The fact that I live in Memphis and work in Memphis was looked at in a completely different light than it had been in the past. To others, living in Memphis was a great place to be. It always has been.

I think Memphis is going to win the National Championship tonight. If they do, it would be the greatest sports moment in the history of the city. If they don't, nothing can be taken away from what they have accomplished.

Of all of the things that this team has accomplished, the one that will stand out to me is that they changed the perception of this city, at least for a while.

Living in Memphis is a great place to be... a possibility has become a reality.