Friday, May 02, 2008

The interviews from the last 2 days (The Audio)

Grizzlies Head Coach Marc Iavaroni was on the show to talk about the meeting with Michael Heisley, being retained for next season, what he learned about coaching in the NBA in his rookie effort, etc. Marc Iavaroni on The Chris Vernon Show 5-2-08

Jimmy Denunzio (The World's Greatest Handicapper) made a huge return to the show and joined us live from Lexington to breakdown every horse in the Derby and who you should pick and look out for this weekend. Jimmy Denunzio and The Kentucky Derby 5-2-08

Bert Sugar was on the show for his weekly segment and talked about a bit he did on Sugar Ray Robinson on the internet and he gave us his Derby picks. Bert Sugar on The Chris Vernon Show 5-2-08

Chris Low from joined us to talk about the tremendous story of Chris Lofton dealing with cancer that was mentioned yesterday. Chris Low on The Chris Vernon Show 5-2-08

And from yesterday...

Music sensation Colbie Calliat was on the show and talked about becoming a star through her myspace page, touring, what she was like in high school, playing at musicfest this weekend, etc.
Colbie Calliat on The Chris Vernon Show 5-1-08

Wright Thompson from ESPN the Magazine and came on the show to talk about the Costas Now program and the changes and challenges of the sports media. Wright Thompson on The Chris Vernon Show 5-1-08.