Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The guests from the Monday show

Jim Nantz from CBS talked to us about his new book, his career, if he rehearses the lines that he says at the end of events, and he even tells us what he would have said if Memphis would have beaten Kansas.

Jim Nantz on The Chris Vernon Show 5-12-08

Utah Jazz SG Ronnie Brewer was on the show to talk about the series with the Lakers, living in Salt Lake City, playing for Jerry Sloan, guarding McGrady and Kobe, etc.

Ronnie Brewer on The Chris Vernon Show 5-12-08

Jeff Goodman from Foxsports.com was on for his weekly spot and talked about the OJ Mayo situation, if Ebanks is coming to Memphis, who will be the next Memphis assistant coach, etc.

Jeff Goodman on The Chris Vernon Show 5-12-08