Friday, May 09, 2008

Wallace talks about the prospects, other guests

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace no longer had to stay silent about draft prospects. We talked about the players that will go in the top 10, some guys outside the lottery, and who could be available with the Grizzlies late first round pick.
Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace part 1
Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace part 2
Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace part 3

Some other audio from the week so far...

Rick Kamla from NBA TV talks about the NBA playoffs and the coaching carousel

Henry Abbott from talks about the playoffs and the daily routine for a blogger

Will Carroll from talked about Mulder, Volquez, Arod's injury, what happened to Travis Hafner, and why Bob Costas called him.

Jeff Goodman talked about Tiger recruits, the Tigers getting a new assistant, UT getting rid of two players, and some players that are transferring.