Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A few thoughts

For all the Kevin Love detractors, find me a guy with a 35 inch vertical leap (almost 3 feet) that is not athletic. I will have a longer Love post later in the week, but get started on that and get back to me.

Why is Beasley not considered undersized for his position and not athletic enough?

So the deal being mentioned is Beasley and trash from Miami for Mayo (that is who Miami would want at 5 if avail), Miller, and Lowry. That is what we call a no-brainer deal? Not in my book. And that would be the deal unless Miami, Minn, and Seattle all cooperate (and I highly doubt that could happen).

As long as the Finals games are played in the 80-95 pt range, Boston is fine. Pierce was awful, doubt that happens again. Looks like they will end this thing in 6. That is what I would bet on if I were Tim Donaghy.