Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Professor (Grayson Boucher) in studio, on the road this week

This week Grayson Boucher (The Professor) was in studio. The Professor had a great story to tell about how he became a streetball legend and internationally famous for being such. If you live under a rock and are unfamiliar with his exploits, type it in on youtube. This guy was as humble and accommodating as any guest that we have had in studio. No ego whatsoever. Straight scissor-clippin in the pic. Tough spot for me, I look at him and he is doing the scissors.. so I went for it.

This week the show is on the road. On Monday we will be live from the Liberty Bowl golf tournament at Ridgeway CC, on Tuesday the Buffalo Wild Wings tour continues at the Hacks Cross location, and Wed-Fri we will be live in Birmingham for SEC media days.