Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mercy Killing, 119-82, muahahahah!

CVERNON.COM EXCLUSIVE: Spain is garbage.
What a beautiful day! That's what I am talking about. Defecation on the head style. That Spanish team wanted no part of the physical game the US team employed from the jump. Nice body language Spain. Muuahahhahaaha. So much for that "best in the world" talk. That's 0-9 in Olympic play vs. the USA for Spain. They didn't even put up a fight. Even Angola put up a fight. Angola! Thank you Team USA for embarrassing that team. Where was the MVP of the world, Pau Gasol? Did he play? Muhahahahahaha.

Quick reactions...
I still like that kid Ricky Rubio. He has some fight in him. He would be awesome if he played American college basketball.
Marc Gasol is not athletic enough, too slow, and too slow with the ball. Is that a Euro thing, that it takes forever to make a move? Pau always did that. You have to get the ball and make a quick, decisive move in the NBA. Big lugs are not difference makers in the league.
Spain does not have a run-stopper. Not surprising when Pau is supposed to be your best player. Geez, where have I seen that before for 7 years?
Dwayne Wade looks better than ever.
Kobe Bryant has not even been one of the top 5 players for the US in this competition.

Maybe next time we can spot Spain 40 before the game starts, so it can be a game. Talk about being worth the wait.