Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gary Pinkel, Jim Grobe, and Terry Bowden (the audio)

#5 Missouri coach Gary Pinkel joined us on the show and talked about his team so far, building a program, Chase Daniel, etc.

#18 Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe talked about what he thought about Ole Miss, the extremely rare philosophy they used when building Wake, the Florida St. game coming up, etc.

College football analyst Terry Bowden talked about the season so far, whether coaches know what the point spread is in a game, why the spread offense is trending down, if Matthew Stafford is elite, the game he lost because he was trying not to "show to much" because of who his opponent was the next week (great story), etc.

I thought all three of them were really interesting today. If you missed any of them, they are loaded in the player...