Friday, October 17, 2008

Dan Wetzel gets down with Thursday underdogs, mentions show

Dan Wetzel was here yesterday for CUSA Media day because Yahoo is doing a Hard Knocks type show about the Tigers for their website. He told me that he was going to be flying out of Memphis to get to the TCU/BYU game and then I told him what was going to happen in the game. Ha! Anyway, Wetzel wrote his article about the concept today with some great research included.
He wrote...
"My friend Chris Vernon gave me the Thursday night home dog one. Vernon hosts a radio show in Memphis – which is not located in Nevada and, as a result, is a place where no gambling occurs. If he happens to buy a new HD television set anytime soon, it’s solely because of the big ratings his show gets.
However, upon hearing I was covering the game he said he felt bad for BYU for purely journalistic reasons. The Cougars were a heck of a story that unfortunately had to end because TCU was a home underdog and all of that."

Here is the whole article... BYU buried by Thursday trouble
Big thanks to Dan for mentioning the show.