Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grizzlies look for shooting help...

That was the title of the article in the CA this morning. I agree with the idea that the Grizzlies need more guys that can hit shots, but that is not a major problem to me. They really need...

1) to move O.J. Mayo to the point, play Ross at the SG (this would change the dynamic of a hapless offense that now has point guards that are an offensive abyss). The idea of getting a shooter is to open the floor. Hello! Put a guy that can hit a shot at the point and things may open up some more. Mayo and Ross helps you offensively and defensively. It is a no-brainer to me.

2) offensive sets. There are only one of two answers to the question of why the Grizzlies look ridiculous on offense. Either a) they don't listen to the coach, or b) they are woefully unprepared.

3) Get Rudy Gay in better position to score. There was a Hubie mantra about the function of a coach is to get guys into sections of the court where they are most successful. I fear that the coaches don't even know where guys are in best position to shoot a high percentage.
Rudy would be helped by having a PG that can make plays and open up the floor with the threat of scoring. Rudy is not without fault. He clearly is not responding to the coach and has little confidence in the man leading the team. That is the fault of everyone. The organization for leaving Iavaroni dangling instead truly empowering him, and Rudy for not just getting past his problems. Multiple times I have seen Rudy not do what the coach told him to do, or roll his eyes when told what to do. This is a major problem. I fear that this dymamic will only change when the coach does. You can blame Rudy, or blame the coach, but the problem is real and it hurts the team.

I would like for the Grizzlies to get more shooting, but they can fix some of their problems without having to.