Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What is it with that town?

The Grizzlies cannot win in Sacramento (that is 20 in a row now). I hope my grandchildren will get to see a Memphis Grizzlies team win in that town. Sac had been getting beaten to death by teams coming into this game (which I should know does not matter) and then...
Kevin Martin goes ballistic
OJ and Rudy get in foul trouble
Sac doubles the ball constantly
Marc Gasol rendered ineffective after monster game
At least the Grizzlies fought and made it interesting in the 4th, after being horrific to start the last frame (they had a chance...Ross missed FT's, OJ losin ball on break, those hurt)

By the way, people always fancy Conley as a "Tony Parker type" which always makes me shutter/ laugh. Parker had 55 tonight. 55! There is only one Parker, he is insanely rare in what he brings to the table. There are virtually zero players you could even compare him to.
If Mike Conley ever scores 55 in a game in his career I will cut off both of my ears. I would be amazed if he ever gets half of that in a game.