Monday, December 15, 2008

A few thoughts (Antonio Anderson, Grizz)

When I was saying that Antonio Anderson probably should have tried the draft, what is happening this year so far is what I was talking about. Would he have gotten drafted? Maybe in the second round, with people thinking he could be a role player. Now the light shines on him as a vet and he is expected to be better than what he is. He is a role guy, and always has been, and role guys stock is dependent on who is on the court with them rather than how good they are individually. If Bruce Bowen were on a different team people would think he is a bum. Anderson has always been viewed as the "guy that doesn't get the credit" type. Not now.

Mike Conley Jr. has been playing much better since Kyle Lowry has been starting games. I get the sense that the other players like Kyle as the starter.
Conley played the first part of the season as the worst pg in the league, now he has been playing like most point guards do when they get minutes. Am I supposed to act like he is really progressing? I guess it is all relative. Great, he is no longer playing like the worst point guard in the association. I am still not sold. The team looks better with Kyle Lowry as the starter, and it is not a coincidence.

Antoine Walker is getting his contract bought out by the Grizzlies. I don't buy for a second that the Grizz should do this for Antoine because he wasn't gonna play and didn't act like a jerk about it. Walker could and would contribute if he were not totally out of shape and totally incapable of giving the team anything. This guy can't play anymore because he wouldn't stay in shape and the Grizz should do him a favor? How about if he would have done the Grizz a favor and not been a total waste? This team would love to have another vet that could play. The reason Walker didn't play was not because of the youth, it was that he sucks because he let himself go. How professional of him. I have no problem with them buying him out, but not because it is the right thing to do by Walker.

I will be away from the show on Wednesday through Friday, but the show will still be live with a lot of show contributors teaming up to fill in.