Monday, January 12, 2009

Miss St. coach Dan Mullen, Romo, Denunzio (The Audio)

Monday we were joined by the new HC at Miss. St. and we tried to get to know him. We talked to him about his road to becoming the coach of the Bullies, what he looks for in QB's, Urban Meyer, etc. He was good, I thought he was an interesting guy.

Dan Mullen on the show (monday)

Bill Romanowski joined us for his weekly bit and we talked about him trying to get the Broncos job, the playoffs, etc. Romo was in rare form when we got to talking about the Cardinals and the other playoff games.

Romo on the show (monday)

Also, here is the Jimmy Denunzio bit from Friday where he picked the playoff games if you missed it...

Jimmy Denunzio from Friday