Tuesday, February 24, 2009

At least there is humor in Grizzlies land...

I was just surfing around the internet and clicked on Grizzlies.com. Somebody over there has the greatest sense of humor ever (I hope this is supposed to be funny). I am going to copy and paste this so you can see what it says in case it gets changed...
(this is directly from the front page)

Despite a stellar effort from Hakim Warrick (13 points) and Darrell Arthur (12 points) the Grizzlies could not hold off the Cavaliers in a 94-79 loss on the road Tuesday night. The Grizzlies will travel to Indiana on Wednesday to face the Pacers.

Holy. Crap.

Update: It has been changed now. Boooo. At least it was funny before. Now it says "Despite strong efforts..." Hakim Warrick hit a three at the buzzer and had 1 friggin rebound. The headline should read- "Despite no effort..."

Bring the funny headlines back Grizzlies.com. Don't let this crappy little blog change your headlines. You have a regular Don Rickles working over there. Do not muzzle this person! Let us at least laugh through this.