Monday, February 16, 2009

Coveting DeJuan Blair (vindication is mine)

At the beginning of the college basketball season, I dubbed DeJaun Blair the guy that I loved that was not high on the draft boards. I had to take some grief over this. All of the usual things... undersized, tweener, blah blah. Here is what is proven... the guy has over a 7 ft wingspan, and is an absolute beast. The nation just watched him kill Thabeet (almost literally). He almost ripped his entire arm out of his socket. He just dropped 22 pts, to go along with 23 boards at UCONN. We have to find a way to get this guy in a Grizzlies uniform.
Here are the guys on the "3 Guys I would like to see in a Grizzlies uniform that are not ranked highly (Top 15) on mocks" The list will change and expand as the season continues. First list...
1. DeJuan Blair
2. Jonny Flynn
3. Jodie Meeks