Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Vindication is mine (if only for a night)

Muahahahahahahaha! You knew I was going to be insufferable, right?
I preach the gospel, while others teach false doctrine.

I said a little prayer tonight before the Clippers game that Lionel Hollins would have a "road to Damascus" moment and he would realize the folly of his ways. Well, that moment came when Mike Conley chipped a tooth in the first two minutes of the game. Sometimes the light has to be forced on you (like when Jaric thankfully got some early fouls). O.J. Mayo dominating the ball... what a concept! The spacing was infinitely better, Rudy has his best game of the season, and Gasol is able to move and function without being under duress... truly amazing. Two big scorers and a good post player, with some role guys to do the dirty work and hit the occasional open shot. What a concept! Hollins had his hand forced but now everyone has seen the truth. 30 assists, most points all year, hahahahahahaha.
I questioned if I know more basketball than the people that get paid a lot of money to do what they do. I will never question myself again. Vindication is mine.

p.s.- This wasn't about playing the Clippers without two starters, this was about how the team looked and how they played. It was exactly how they should do it. It was actually promising.
This team has lost to bad teams that were hobbled all season. They drilled this one. Can a chipped tooth keep a player out all year? Please?

p.s.s- nice try Hollins- Greg Buckner bringing the ball up so you can act like it needs to be PG by committee with Conley out? That was laughable. Pride is a dangerous thing. This is your chance to be an NBA coach for real, and you will blow it completely if you attach yourself to Conley.