Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chris Wallace on blast, Sonny Vaccaro now a regular

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace has been a weekly guest on the show since he got the job with the team. Unfortunately, Mr. Wallace has decided to make some questionable decisions regarding his treatment of me and Roser. He has failed to defend us when given the chance, and then committed the egregious crime of defaming us in our own studio when on with Geoff and Gary. You mess with the bulls, you get the horns. We go for the jugular. Therefore, when Wallace came to the studio on Wednesday, we had our response ready. Now he knows. You can here the entire segment (his reaction and response) by checking the podcast at Here is the song if you missed it...

Hey Roser! (Chris Wallace on blast)

Also, on another programming note, Sonny Vacarro (coming of his brilliant performance on the show on Friday) has agreed to be a Chris Vernon Show regular and will be on at 5 oclock every Friday. I am absolutely thrilled about this. The guy is tremendous radio every single time. Should be fun.

Sonny was certainly in the news today. NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE