Friday, June 12, 2009

Brandon Jennings: Rubio is all hype

Brandon Jennings put Rubio on blast. This is so great. I have talked about Jennings in the past on this blog, and in fact wrote "I get the sense he will win everyone over in the workouts before the draft." Well, he has. I don't know how anyone with a set of eyes could watch youtube videos of he and Rubio and not be more impressed with Jennings. (Jennings Youtube)
I see Jennings with his head above the rim, I see Rubio making moves on 35 yr old white guys with hair on their back when I watch videos. Now I get Jennings saying that the dude is bogus. Brandon Jennings is winning people over by the day and he is winning me over by the way he talks. This is hysterical (clearly Johnny Flynn thinks it is hilarious too). I love it.
You could take the guy who was the #1 high school player in the nation in his class almost every year and you would get an all-star. Jennings was the #1 player in his class. If he is not great, he will be the exception to the rule.

Brandon Jennings on Ricky Rubio: "I think the dude is all hype."