Thursday, June 25, 2009

There is no spinning this

I want to thank all of you that came to the draft party tonight @ Jason's Deli. Also, thanks to our presenting sponsor Coors Light. The place was packed the whole night and we raised a bunch of money for the Grizzlies house @ St. Jude.

Now, to the subject that must be addressed. Tonight was absurd. For this franchise to exercise the #2 pick on Hasheem Thabeet will go down as a critical error for a franchise that cannot afford to make one. I like the last 2 picks just fine, but this draft will be judged on the #2 pick. And by the way, they passed on my boy Blair (twice!), and he gets to go get a ring with San Antonio in his first year. I cannot believe all of this happened tonight, and I cannot wait to hear all of the justification. Tonight was a chance to do something inspiring, and in that respect it was a total failure. You use the #2 pick on a guy that "will compete" for the center position with Marc Gasol? They won 24 friggin games!!!!!

Tonight was an embarrassment. There is no spinning this. They had a chance to inspire people and be aggressive in building a real team. Call for tickets... 888-BUST

There is a zero percent chance that people will not look back on this draft in 5 years and not laugh about who the Grizzlies passed up to draft Thabeet.

They blew it.