Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The truth regarding Hakim Warrick

I know there is still a segment of Grizzlies fans that have been completely brainwashed. You don't have to read this.
No matter what the basketball people say publicly, they thought Warrick was coming back. They wanted to bring him back. Warrick was cheap and a good value for what he could bring to the table off the bench. This decision came down from the top. Warrick's agent even was quoted as saying that in the ESPN article. Money over basketball. Why on earth do you think that Heisley was the one quoted in the CA article on the situation? Where does that happen? Not in good franchises.
It is pretty clear that with the Iverson idea, and the Warrick move, that Heisley will do what he wants despite what his basketball people think.
It is two years running that I have been talking about the problematic way in which the franchise is being run. Even those that didn't want to believe me are starting to see what is going on here. Heisley has found a loophole in the system that he can expose for profit. If you can stay a decent bit under the cap, you can facilitate all the real franchises that want to improve their teams and get kicked back some money.
But here is the rub... you stay under the cap, you will not be good. So if you are a fan of money laundering, you will love the Grizzlies. If you love basketball, hope for the best. Depressing.
Pulling the qualifying offer for Warrick just makes no sense, unless you understand what the number one goal for the Grizzlies is.