Friday, August 07, 2009

Hooray! The Grizzlies make money!

When the team was winning, the team lost money.
When the team is the worst in the NBA over the last three years, they have found a way to make money. Who cares about becoming a national laughingstock?
What great motivation to become a legitimate franchise that wins games and puts a great product on the floor.
Party at the moon tower.
This is great. Now when I argue with my friends of other NBA teams I will always be able to trump them. I can just say, "oh yeah, well my team is in the black!" Check mate.
I have been a sports fan my entire life and have never known how much money has been made or lost by my favorite teams. I have never cared.
I don't know any other sports fan that has ever cared about how much money their team made or lost.
Memphis Grizzlies: Rootin for revenue!