Friday, September 04, 2009

Philanthropy (The Picks), with audio

Vinnie Verno is back for season number 2 after going a documented 63% last year. This is my way of giving back to you, the community. Let's get it....

Oklahoma -22 over BYU-- if Max Hall does not come out of this with brain damage it should count as a win.

Western Kentucky +30 over Tenn.-- come on, 30? might have taken this at 3pts. the coach is a bozo, in his first game. first game bozo rule applies.

Alabama -6.5 over V Tech-- when vtech plays an SEC team, they lose. go look it up. let me tell you the story of Tyrod Taylor... he stinks.. the end.

Maryland +21 over California-- Pac-10 overrated as usual. Maryland won straight up last year and now they lose by 3tds? the maryland qb is not great, but has played well in big spots.

Georgia +5.5 over Oklahoma St. -- Oklahoma State beats crappy teams, not good ones. Too hyped. Richt does not lose on road. Get money like T Boone.

Have a good weekend.

Vinnie Verno
Click for the audio...